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Ice sports

Ice hockey

Here in Engadin St. Moritz, you put your skates on not because you’re in a rush but for pleasure. And one of the most enjoyable activities on offer is ice hockey – whether you are just having fun with friends or enjoying a game with full teams.


It was probably one of the first winter guests from Scotland who sent four pairs of curling stones to Johannes Badrutt, the pioneer of winter tourism. The hotelier was looking for alternative activities to offer his guests in winter. Before long, he had so many of these “bed warmers” made that by 1880 the sport of curling was firmly established. Today, the Engadin remains a first-class venue for training and competitions. Up here, ice is guaranteed in the open air, and numerous curling clubs maintain excellent rinks and facilities. Anyone interested in trying this team sport can let the “spirit of curling” work its charm on them at a trial lesson

Bavarian curling

Bavarian curling is a popular traditional pastime that has many similarities with curling. Also known as ice stock sport, this team game requires control and a good eye. The object of the game is to slide your ice stock as close to the target as possible. To achieve this, you may also knock your opponents’ stocks out of the way. It’s relaxing, addictive and fun, a great activity for families and groups of friends alike

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